Bonuses You Can Win

When it comes to gambling, many times than not there are no bonuses that you will see at a regular casino.

There may be a free meal here and there, or maybe some extra chips/coins to keep playing, yet what would be more important to you? The latter is an objective question that you can definitely choose on your own. Maybe you are okay with the winnings that you have earned and would like a really nice dinner over playing more (risking to lose that money bonus in the first place). We have team members that have been the person to choose food over extra gambling money (and we all had a great chuckle with those stories in the office)!

Online bonuses for online casinos work a little bit differently than your regular casino. There is an extremely less chance of getting the food/dinner bonus, however, other bonuses may just be even better. There are some bonuses that can include a 10% increase on the winnings you earn within a certain time frame. Other online bonuses can include gift cards to certain stores, other websites, or more tokens/chips/money/free plays to the specific games that you play.


There are some bonuses considered "No Deposit Bonuses" which are also pretty great for those just now trying out online casinos. With "No Deposit Bonuses" this simply means that you do not have to deposit a minimum amount into your online account before you can start playing in the casino. Simply put down what  you would like and enter the game of your choosing. This type of bonus can come from players new to the online casino, referred rewards for bringing new players to the online casino, or simply a weekly special being hosted by the online casino.

As an online casino, the bonuses are endless and can change at any moment. At OVO Casino, we do offer the bonuses that we have covered earlier on. We also offer discounted prices on some of our games such as Book of Ra Deluxe that many of our clients enjoy immensely. We are always looking to figure out the best new bonuses to help our clients not only enjoy our online casino, but feel as if there are incentives worth investing their time and money into.

At OVO Casino, we make our terms and conditions to our bonuses pretty detailed and clear. If you ever have any questions and/or concerns about a bonus that you are interested in, please feel free to contact our customer service team as soon as possible. We will provide to you all of the details that you seek in addition to the deadline(s) of the bonus(es) you refer to. One thing that we will never do at OVO Casino is keep any hidden fees or information away from you. That would not only affect how you enjoy our casino, but also blindside you (monetarily), which we know no one wants to experience in any type of casino.