One of our Big Winner Story

One thing that we love about our community at OVO Casino, is the excitement we see when a German player wins.

Whether it is a big amount or a small amount, a win is a win in our book (as long as no cheating or tampering is involved of course). We want to share a success story by one of our first big winners playing the online slot game Book of Ra Deluxe. (For privacy purposes and at the request of the player, we will not be including their name nor releasing it for any other purposes.)

The following is the constructive feedback that we received from the big winner of Book of Ra Deluxe.

"It has been a while since I have been this happy gambling at a casino (let alone an online casino). After taking a break from gambling, I decided that I wanted to slowly integrate myself back into one of my favorite hobbies. Now I definitely knew my limits of when to keep going and when to call it quits.


Since my personal schedule has changed to more of a "work-from-home schedule" than going into an office, I didn't really see the need to leave my home except for necessary reasons. I wanted to go to my favorite casino, but after a while it became redundant and boring to me. So I decided to see if there were any online options for casino gaming that I could be a part of.

Of course there was a lot of skepticism on my end seeing how everything on the internet cannot be trusted, however, OVO Casino was a no brainer. Before signing up to the website, I called a close friend to see if they have heard of OVO Casino (they responded with an ecstatic yes). Then I asked my close friend was there any potential in winning big on this website? They said...

"Yes, there are a variety of games on their that you can play and win. Small or big cash... well you know how the game of gambling works haha! However, there is a slot game called "Book of Ra Deluxe" that you would definitely love. I mean, out of all the games in the casinos we went to, slots were the only games you were good at!"

So after my close friend gave me those great words of encouragement, I signed up for OVO Casino. I played it safe for the first 2 weeks because I didn't want to lose all of my money right away. Once I became pretty comfortable with Book of Ra Deluxe, I was prepared to start betting big. As I continued to win small more than lose, I decided to take my chances and begin increasing my bets. As my bets increased, so did my winnings... and then I took the leap of faith! All of the winnings that I did have from that night I put into one pull. I cannot believe how big I won that night! Of course I stopped after that for the night (haha), but I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would win that big on an online casino website. Needless to say OVO Casino is my primary casino to play at and I highly recommend the website to anyone who likes casinos."